A Call to Students,

Those children who have a family will know what I mean when I say that your family must be the most important group of people in your life. We are not all lucky to be born in happy families; you will have heard about it from your friends, sad sorry stories about how unhappy they are, how their parents will not allow them to go out, where the mother and father argue all the time, where brothers and sister don’t get on. Yet you must know that your mother and father love you more than you can imagine; you would not have become the child that you are now if they had not loved you. Situations where a child is not loved by their mother and father are very rare.

When you are down it will be your parents who will come to you, put their arms around your shoulder, wrap you up in their warm embrace and say a few soothing words to lift you from sadness. And don’t you feel like all your troubles have floated away. They are not perfect, and they will be the first people to own up to that fact, sometimes they will not get everything right…but know that they are trying very hard. It isn’t easy for them to go to work, keep a house, put food on the table everyday, dress you, buy you stuff that you may want just because Tom’s or Jill’s parents bought it for them. Be patient with them, tell them that you appreciate all the effort they are putting into raising you; they like the feeling of your embrace as much as you like the warmth of theirs. You are the way you are because of the unselfish love of your mother and father…Ask those who do not have that privilege and hear them say how lucky you are…Remember that always and don’t ever take them for granted because one day, before you know it they will not be there…And then you will know how much you miss them and be sorry that you didn’t tell them enough times you love them and thanked them for everything they have done for you…cherish them always.

Founder: Nilesh Manani:

BSc(Hons) - QMC: University of London; PGCE - Institute of Education; FRSA. 

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